The Kuroblack Driver…

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Enthusiastic
  • Professional
  • Service oriented

Our Kuroblack Drivers know that they have only one chance to make an indelible and favourable first impression. They are owner / operators with “skin in the game” and they collectively bring an entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and a business persons’ discipline to their work.

All Kuroblack drivers are licensed by the City of Toronto. That means they have attended a five day course specifically for limousine operators – with a test at the end – and each has supplied the City with a police report and a medical fitness certificate at their own expense prior to being licensed.

Moreover, because each one of our drivers is also a limousine owner and because each vehicle wears a limousine plate, the City of Toronto plays a direct role in supervising the operational status of your Driver and vehicle. No vehicle is over five years old and each is inspected twice yearly at the City’s facility. The City ensures that as a condition of license each vehicle carries an approved insurance policy, the details of which must be disclosed by the Broker directly to the Licensing Commission. It remains to be seen if such rigorous oversight will apply to the so-called “ride sharing” services which may soon come under some form of regulation in the future.