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October 20, 2015
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March 30, 2016
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Kuroblack is Going Live


The Day You’ve Been Waiting For at Kuroblack in Toronto

We’ve been working on the Kuroblack in Toronto smartphone app for more than a year now. Finally after months of development, tinkering and testing, we are ready to launch our service to the public. Starting Monday April 4, 2016 you’ll be able to order an SUV or sedan limousine through the Kuroblack in Toronto app – KB Your Ride Today – and since you’re on our website you already know that the app is available through both Google Play and The Apple store. In either case, just search for “Kuroblack in Toronto” to find the app. In the next couple of days we’ll announce a promo code to make your first ride with us a memorable one.

team-page-appAs our team has gone through the testing phase(s) we have also kept an eye on how other so-called “ride sharing” apps operate and noted some interesting differences. In an effort to keep our new clients informed, let’s go through some of the differences between our KB app and some of the others currently available.

To start with, we don’t consider KB a “ride sharing” app. When you use the Kuroblack app to reserve your ride, rest assured that you are getting a clean, late model SUV or sedan; limousine plated vehicle in the care and control of a licensed chauffeur. Our sedans can carry up to 4 passengers, but we recommend a maximum of 3, especially if there is luggage, brief cases or packages involved.

When you use your Kuroblack app, you are required to input your pickup and drop off locations. In doing so, you will get a precise estimate of your trip cost including HST. We don’t do “surge pricing”, so your fare is as quoted except if there are added stops, wait time or some other significant route change.

Another feature of our system is the ability to log into an e-booking portal (https://book.autocab.net/31456) from your PC or Mac. It’s a very useful feature because you can do everything from this site that you can do with your smartphone app and some others: you can add profiles, including multiple credit cards per profile and track the usage for each profile and credit card use. Our HST number is available from this location for those of us who need it.

We will be active on social media. Twitter is @KuroblackApp We intend to blog regularly. We’ll include features on our chauffeurs, maybe some commentary on what’s going on at City Hall, especially as it affects the Toronto Taxi and Toronto Airport Limo industries. As our KB app matures and improves, we’ll blog about its new features and how we can make our service better and more convenient for our clients.

Every email sent to us at inquiries@kuroblack.com comes to me, Peter Dawson. Suggestions, observations and compliments are welcome.