Join the Super Stealth Fleet

At Super Stealth Inc. our objective is to make the Kuroblack brand synonymous with the best in Premium Personal Transportation wherever we plant the Kuroblack flag. We have exciting plans for expanding and building our business, including rolling out our Kuroblack app in markets outside of Toronto and Ontario.

These are exciting times in what the City is now calling the “Ground Transportation” sector. New players, technologies and soon, new regulations are coming down from City Hall. Super Stealth Inc. is your best choice to affiliate with in these interesting times, as our team has been closely observing events in our industry and keeping in close touch with the regulators. We may not know exactly what the future will bring, but we are ideally situated to adjust and adapt to changing times.

A Word About Our Service…

We are looking for professional, service oriented, business minded limousine owner operators. We won’t hold experience against you, but just as important we’re looking for enthusiastic people who not only take pride in their work but who take an obvious pleasure in serving their clients.

We expect your vehicle to be a late model sedan or SUV, on the City’s approved limousine list, and not more than two model years’ old at the time you affiliate with our fleet.

The service provided through our Kuroblack app is Limousine Service. Premium. Our fares will be consistent with the Limousine bylaw. We will not be competing against taxis or our unlicensed competitors on price.

Interested in becoming a limousine owner? Visit the City’s website at to find out what is required from a licensing and qualifications perspective.

We do not manage and are not affiliated with an insurance broker or program. If you are just starting out, keep in mind that you must obtain an approved insurance policy for your vehicle. Our advice is to document your insurance history, get a driver’s abstract and go insurance shopping. BE SURE YOU CAN INSURE YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

If after consulting the City’s website, or if you are enrolled in the Limousine Driver’s Course with the City of Toronto, you would like to talk to us about a possible affiliation, contact us at

Provide us with a phone number and we’ll get back to you during business hours. Hopefully we can answer your questions!

If you are already a limousine owner, but are considering a change to your fleet affiliation, contact us at: . Please provide a phone number where we can reach you, and details about your vehicle.