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September 22, 2015
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Welcome to Kuroblack website!


Toronto Limo Service

These are exciting times for us at Super Stealth Inc. We are about to launch our Kuroblack in Toronto smartphone app for our Toronto Limo service. We call it “KB” for short and we’re positive that it will become your favoured transportation option, as in “KB Your Ride Today!” It’s a project we’ve been working on for nearly two years – and we have a fleet of ninety vehicles ready to act on your ride requests.

Toronto Limo ServiceThe KB app will respond to your requests for SUV’s and sedans. It has all the features of other so-called ride sharing or ride hailing apps, plus it’s legal! Once your profile is entered into our system through the app (or through our e-booking portal for those of you who prefer to use your Mac or PC https://book.autocab.net/31456) you can order your preferred vehicle, get a fare estimate, and follow your sedan or SUV on the map as it comes to your location. Even better for your convenience, the e-booking site and the app are completely interchangeable and each can be loaded with multiple profiles, so that work and private business can remain separated, if that is your wish.

We’ve set up our website so that you can easily locate the page or pages that are most relevant to how you choose to use our service. If you’re looking for a Limo service in Toronto, or an airport limo in Toronto, our Home page will provide all the information you need. The page is topped by what we think is a stunning video loop that tells you more about what we do in a few seconds than words can say, and includes a dizzying drone shot of our vehicle on the streets of the City. (Those Nerds at A Nerds World did a great job!) Scroll down and you will find capsule descriptions of Super Stealth and the “KB” app, scroll down a little further and you’ll see a screen shot of our app as it appears on your phone and a link to an instructive video that explains how to use KB when ordering your ride.

One of the commitments we will make to you, as a prospective client; is that we will never engage in predatory or “surge” pricing. I can imagine the sticker shock that would come from getting a bill for what might seem like airfare simply because the weather was inclement, or because of the lateness of the hour. It won’t happen with the Kuroblack in Toronto app. That’s why we say, “KB your ride today!”

So when a Toronto taxi just won’t do… if a Toronto airport limo is the way… when reliable and competitively priced premium transportation is the ticket… for your business or private transportation…