Are you interested in driving for Kuroblack?

We are looking for full time, service oriented limousine owner- operators. Kuroblack needs enthusiastic owner/drivers who not only take pride in their work but who strive for excellence.

If you are an established limousine owner looking for a service company to affiliate with, contact Kuroblack at Provide us with a phone number and we’ll get back to you during business hours. We’ll do our best to answer your questions!

Interested in becoming a limousine owner? Visit the City’s website at to find out what is required from a licensing and qualifications perspective. Then contact us to see if you’re right for Kuroblack.


We expect all Kuroblack vehicles to be:

  • Limousine plated with a current for hire insurance policy as required by the City of Toronto’s bylaw.
  • Vehicle must be a Sedan or SUV.
  • Make, model and year of vehicle must be on the city’s approved limousine list.


More information:

The service provided through our Kuroblack app is a premium limousine service. Our fares will be consistent with the limousine bylaw. We will not be competing against taxis or our unlicensed competitors on price. We do not manage and are not affiliated with an insurance broker or program. If you are just starting out, keep in mind that you must obtain an approved insurance policy for your vehicle. Our advice is to document your insurance history, get a driver’s abstract and go insurance shopping.

Make sure you can insure your vehicle before you buy it!